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20th April 2024 

I appreciate that talking about your intimate relationship could be embarrassing and distressing therefore I aim to make you to feel as comfortable as possible.

What causes sex problems?
There are many reasons why someone might develop a sex problem. It may be due to a physical issue or you may have experienced an emotional or sexual trauma either recently or in the past. You may be experiencing mental health issues such as depression or anxiety. Your personal circumstances may have changed leaving you feeling less secure.

Tolerating pain from an injury or illness can have a huge impact on your well being and your libido. Medication and illnesses such as diabetes and heart problems can have an impact on your sexual relationship too.
Mental health issues can have an impact on your libido whether you take medication or not.
Adjusting to changes in our bodies is sometimes hard to come to terms with, such as following a birth, the menopause, the general ageing process and of course any operations that has changed the way we view our body. We can tend to feel less attractive and therefore not want to engage in a sexual relationship.

By discussing your feelings openly and honestly I can help you find a way to have a sexual relationship again that suits you and that you are happy with.